Under the Tuscan Sun

The beauty of Tuscany lies not only in the beautiful city of Florence but also I the Tuscan countryside.  And, in our humble opinion, a trip to Tuscany is not complete without a visit to one of the many hillside villages and towns.
We were able to visit Siena on a day trip from Florence, due to the good train and bus connections between the two cities.  Siena, self contained behind excellently preserved medieval walls, is a majestic Gothic attraction that you can roam about freely.  Send some time relaxing in the Campo, the centre of Siena, in every sense, as all the main streets lead into it.  The campo is also home to the famed Palio,  the most spectacular festival in Italy a minute and ahalf bareback horse race around the campo, the Palio happens 2x/year and we had just missed to one in August by a few short weeks.  However, th flags of each of the seventeen ancient wards of the city were still flying high, and clips from the most recent Palio played on. Any a viable television screen in shopkeepers windows.  The Duomo is also lovely see, and we found it to be even more delightful than the Duomo in Florence. We spent ahold part of the day eating(of course) delicious crostini and meat and cheese boards, plus a liter of vino rosso to round out the day here.  While we enjoyed Siena, it wasn’t our favorite of the Tuscan countryside, but if you are short on time, or don’t have access to a car, Siena is your best bet.

Now, onto the good stuff
We chose an agroturismo about 3km outside of San Gimignano to stay for 2 nights.  Argoturismo is heavily popular in the Tuscany area.
Psame property where the family lives(in their much larger house). These homes are typically on working farms, mainly wine yards and olive groves.  We noticed that many of the agruturismo places we passed along the way, including our own, produced their own wines and olive oils, pand quite a few were open to passerbys for tastings.  As far as I’m concerned, nothing beats staying steps from vineyards.
To experience the Tuscan side, aside from staying in an agruturismo, you must rent a car.  We picked ours up at the airport in Florence, and drove right out on the Strada deal Vino(NAME THIS ROAD) one of the most scenic roads in all of Italy.  Rolling hills, medieval castles perched high above andveneyarda that stretch on as far as the eye can see is what is in store for you.  The drive is an easy one, with very little traffic.
The best part of driving is that you can visit any number of the small towns along the way.
Our first stop was at (vineyard) in Chianti.  We popped. In for a tasting, and would up staying nearly 2 hours chatting with a 4some from Boston/NY.    The wines were nothing short of fantastic, and we were happy o hear that they can be purchased in the states.  Saved us a bunch on shipping!Next up was a short drive to Greve in Chianti.  A great lunch  at a small trattoria, including a few glasses of Chianti wine and climbing up the hill 0o get a view of the area and we had found our happy place.  Much to our shigrin, we were a few days early and woul she missing the Chianti festival, which was already being set up in the triangular square.  We seem to be very where, but never at quite the right time!

San Gimignano
Sa Gimignano’s skyline of towers framed against the classic rolling hills of the Tuscan countryside
Admittedly we didn’t spend that much time in San Gimignano, as we were most content enjoying dinner and a nice bottle of wine at our agruturismo, but sunset seen from the medieval walls of the city, overlooking the Tuscan countryside can’t be missed.  Of course, strolling the alleyways, visiting the museo del vino and kicking back at a enoteca and getting your fill of local Toscano meats and cheeses accompanied by a glass of wine isn’t the worst way to spend an evening.  Another perk, once the sun goes 0
down, the town is devoid of the throngs of day trippers that make the narrow alleyways overly Claustrophobic

Montepulciano and Montecino

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